Also known as Lucifer the Lion-Hearted, Luke is a supporting character in ‘Of Scales and Fur,’ and the love interest to Shiva, later becoming her mate, and the father of Celine and Kodo. A fierce warrior with a lovable nature, what he lacks in brains, he makes up for in both power and heart.


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Luke used to be a male Labrador with golden blonde fur and blue eyes. After Myst evolved him into a demi-wolf, he became a muscular, six foot tall warrior, often noted to look more like a bull than a dog.

While he is more well-known for his golden fur and blue eyes, he also dresses in dark deer-hide armor that can often look blue in the right light. While in battle, he dons a mask that makes him look like a jackal, and has four dreadlocks woven into the fur along his head, braided with the scales and hair of foes he’s defeated.


  • Heightened strength; Luke is considered one of the strongest of Myst’s demi-wolves, with him being one of the few demi-wolves capable of fighting dragons one on one.
  • Pack Link; Luke’s bond with Shiva causes them to be bonded on a closer level than other pack mates. As such, Luke is able to call upon her energy to increase his already impressive strength, or even let loose with blasts of lightning.
  • Wolf senses; being a demi-wolf, he has heightened senses of smell and hearing.


A wolf who loves the simple life, Luke is not the smartest of the pack, and knows it full well. He loves joking that the only things he cares about are what he can fight and what he can eat. And to be fair, he does have a rather impressive appetite, being willing to eat all sorts of odd things.

However, under his joking and obfuscation of stupidity lies a genuinely kind and loyal wolf who loves his pack mates dearly and cares for them like an older brother, to the point that when one of them is in danger, he’ll throw himself right after them, no matter how dangerous it could be for him. He also really doesn’t like when his pack mates fight, and despite usually being eager to fight foes, he’ll be the first one to play peace maker and try to settle disputes that are going on between his pack mates. And despite often being considered the equivalent to an Alpha Male, Luke remains steadfastly loyal to Myst and later Shiva, trying to keep them both on the same side so he never has to choose between them.

And though one day, he may have to pick a side, nothing will stop him from caring about his pack.

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  • Luke was inspired by Lucario from the Pokemon franchise, and as such, his armor is meant to invoke a resemblance to the Pokemon.
  • Luke also draws inspiration from Duke, a dog that John N. King walked when he was younger.