Curious in what I’ve published? Check out these awesome entries.

  • “Beware the Sea Dragon,” from A Discovery of Writers: An Anthology of Short Stories from Around the World.
  • The Rained-On Reindeer;” short story in Glimmer: An Anthology of Hope.
  • “Justice;” a short story released for Write Practice Pro’s 2022 Fall Writing Contest, centered around a man out for what he hopes is justice, though knowing justice can be easily corrupted into revenge.
  • Winters’ Run‘; a short story prequel to the upcoming…
  • Of Scales and Fur – Shiva.’ The first in the ‘Of Scales and Fur saga; centered on a young wolf thrust into a new world and forced to survive a war of madness and hate.
  • Of Scales and Fur – Rocket;’ the second in the ‘Of Scales and Fur’ saga; centered on a dragon that must fight against her creators to unveil a conspiracy that threatens to shake the foundation of her home.
  • Of Scales and Fur – Celine: The third in the ‘Of Scales and Fur’ saga; centered on a young wolf who must find a way to save her mother from death, all while her allies slowly turn to enemies.


While some might see fanfiction as unprofessional, it was through fanfics like the ones below that I was able to hone my craft and develop my wonderful characters. If you’re curious in how some like Shiva got their start, please feel free to check out these non-profit stories.

And if you’re curious in seeing them interact in short adventures, consider checking out the posts on the Friendship is Awesome Forum, where Shiva and my other characters interact with characters from other great writers, going on adventures and living their lives. We update pretty regularly with new posts and adventures, and I’d love the chance to share our stories and characters with all of you.

Quick Warning: the forum and some of the fanfictions contain mature content that is not for all ages. Viewer Discretion is advised.

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