Curious in what I’ve published? Check out these awesome entries.

  • “Beware the Sea Dragon,” from A Discovery of Writers: An Anthology of Short Stories from Around the World.
  • The Rained-On Reindeer;” short story in Glimmer: An Anthology of Hope.
  • “Justice;” a short story released for Write Practice Pro’s 2022 Fall Writing Contest, centered around a man out for what he hopes is justice, though knowing justice can be easily corrupted into revenge.
  • Winters’ Run‘; a short story prequel to the upcoming…
  • Of Scales and Fur – Shiva.’ The first in the ‘Of Scales and Fur saga; centered on a young wolf thrust into a new world and forced to survive a war of madness and hate.
  • Of Scales and Fur – Rocket;’ the second in the ‘Of Scales and Fur’ saga; centered on a dragon that must fight against her creators to unveil a conspiracy that threatens to shake the foundation of her home.

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