An aqua-drake (water dragon) and supporting character.

In the alternate fanfiction timeline (which may or may not end up becoming canon), he serves as the muscle in Star Wing’s Knights of Drake; a team of draconic superheroes seeking to defend humanity from any threats.

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Jackknife is a water dragon – or alternatively known as an aqua-drake. A third snake, a third fish, and a third human, he resembles mermen, though with the head of a snake, bearing equal resemblance to the snake like Naga.

While he usually appears at nine feet tall, this is actually due to his ability to manipulate water allowing him to create a watery form that appears bigger than he actually is. In reality, his actual form is only about nine inches tall, and one of the smallest dragon types around.


Ever since he broke out of his egg, Jackknife has feared that he isn’t as capable or loved as his fellow dragons. Being born with the ability to control water instead of fire caused him to get passed over by both his General and his peers, with everyone seeing him as weaker by comparison.

The stereotyping enraged him, and motivated him to become just as strong if not moreso than his fire breathing companions. Learning how to manipulate water to give himself a more powerful form, and getting the luck of being saddled with a rider who believed in him, Jackknife is determined to prove himself as a worthy defender of humanity.


  • Control over water – as an aqua-drake, he has full control over almost any type of liquid. While it’s easier for him to control water, he is also capable of controlling drinks, blood, poisons, venoms and pretty much anything that’s in its liquid state.
  • Boxing champion – As part of his training under General Drake, he became a fantastic boxer, capable of utilizing fisticuffs to devastating effect on others.
  • Healing abilities – due to his water form hiding his true form, he can make it seem like he can heal from any injury. This is also true for his natural form, as it is also a quick healer, though he needs to focus his energy on healing himself, which can then allow others to quickly subdue him, as he won’t have the focus to keep up his larger form while self-healing. Similarly, he can use this ability to heal others, but doesn’t like using it, due to believing that medical skills contribute to his appearance of being weak.


With an inferiority complex a mile wide, Jackknife is very eager to prove himself as a capable warrior. As such, he’s passionate, hot-blooded and far too impulsive, jumping into combat at a moment’s notice without much forethought, which he relies on his rider to use for him.

When around other fire dragons (or ignis-drakes), he tends to get very competitive, and hates having to listen to them, as he’ll often tune out whatever their saying as self-important bravado. Ironically, he’ll often engage in bravado himself, appearing defiant, stubborn and temperamental.

However, underneath his angry front is a heart of gold and steadfast loyalty. And once someone proves themselves to be his friend, he sticks with them like blue on water.

However, one should never betray that trust. Because once it’s gone, he’s never giving it back.

Stories Involving Him


  • Jackknife was inspired by Percy Jackson from Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympian’s Series.
  • Additionally, his ‘smaller natural form inside a constructed bigger form’ borrows elements from Envy of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. However, Jackknife’s form is made up of water in contrast to Envy being made of souls, and while he is capable of shapeshifting, he doesn’t like doing it, due once again to Jackknife’s desire for glory.
    • The parallels between Envy and Jackknife is ironic, given how Jackknife struggles with envy and wanting to be seen as just as good, if not better, than his fire-dragon counterparts.
  • Jackknife is planned on being part of a team of dragons that would serve as semi-superheroes. This idea will be utilized in later books, with his current appearances in OSAF-Rocket being an establishment and origin for his character. This idea is being explored in ‘The Drake Six,’ and in the alternate fanfiction timelines.