The first species to roam the Roads of Gaia, and it’s first dominant race. With their wits, ingenuity and cunning, mankind took Gaia for themselves. But their dominance made them proud; willing to believe they were gods. And in their pursuit of evolution and knowledge, they ended up creating the demi-wolves and the dragons; two species capable of challenging the humans’ place as the dominant life force on Gaia.

Now, humanity must learn to share their world with the species they have created and uplifted, or be torn down by their own hubris.

They are not as strong as dragons, nor do they hold the same loyalty in each other as wolves, but humans make up for their shortcomings with their intelligence and cunning. Able to outthink and outwit, many wolves and even some dragons see humans as untrustworthy and cowardly. Yet despite these stereotypes, humans still manage to hold the devotion of many dragons and even a few hounds. And their unpredictability and sheer determination will be key factors in learning to share the Roads of Gaia with their fellow species.

Notable Humans

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