A supporting antagonist, Luco is a Rider of Drake with a dark secret. While initially appearing to be minor, he’ll have some pretty huge plans in store for any hero who crosses his path.


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Luco is a five feet, eight inch tall human with sunken hazel eyes and jet black hair, stylized into a mohawk.

Despite being part of the militaristic Riders of Drake, he’s very casual in his clothing, only wearing a camouflage pair of pants to show his place as a soldier and even going barefoot. Aside from the pants, he wears a sleeveless t-shirt under an aloha polo shirt, usually bright yellow, though he has plenty of alternate colors he wears as well.

One of his most distinctive features is a scar stretching from his right lower lip to the top of his right ear, stretching his face into a permanently distorted smirk.


Originally known as Lucas Cooper, he was a fan of the occult and unknown, and would regularly peruse grimoires and documents that centered around summoning demons and spirits.

One day, his research proved successful, and he managed to summon… ‘something.’ No one knows what exactly he summoned, only that it gave rise to Myst and the demi-wolves, who then proceeded to wipe out the government and begin hunting down humans.

Now calling himself ‘Luco,’ Cooper found one of the surviving military generals, Ryan Drake, and revealed how his research allowed him to create new forms of life. Intrigued, General Drake used Luco’s research to create the first dragons, who would go on to combat Myst and her demi-wolves in an effort to protect the surviving humans.

With his own dragon, Blazing Phoenix, already crafted, Luco now works alongside Drake and the newly made Riders of Drake to combat the demi-wolves, though Luco may have plans beyond simply protecting humanity.


  • Master of Confusion Fu – a wild and unpredictable fighter, he utilizes a style of drunken kung fu that leaves opponents on their toes, unsure of his next move.
  • Emotional manipulation – his crazed persona is easy to intimidate others with or cause them to think he’s mentally slow, allowing him to catch them off guard.
  • Immunity to fire – despite his dragon, Blaze, being one of the most powerful dragons ever crafted, he is never bothered by her flames.
  • Limited use in magic – he was the one who found out how to make dragons, and thus has the most experience in using magic.


Unpredictable and way too sure of his own sense of humor, Luco is a loose cannon that does what he wants when he wants.

Despite being part of the Riders of Drake, he shows very little interest in protecting humans, and is more focused on fighting. He instilled the dragons he and Drake made with the mindset of warriors, and regularly encourages them to fight as many wolves as they can. He’s also been reported for instigating fights between humans, wolves, dragons and whoever else he can manipulate into fighting someone else.

For him, it seems that conflict and combat are the only places in which he feels truly alive. Is fighting simply where he finds meaning in life? I suppose we’ll find out eventually.

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