Of Scales and Fur – Shiva

Artwork by Canvas.com

The first official book of the ‘Of Scales and Fur’ series, Shiva’s story follows the tale of Shiva, an ordinary dog thrust into an extraordinary world.


Shiva was not a revolutionary or a freedom fighter; she was an ordinary dog, living her life with a loving master.

However, when a mysterious figure kidnaps her from her home, Shiva is mutated into a new human-wolf hybrid creature, and thrust into a war with dragons for the survival of the human race. And unfortunately for Shiva, she wasn’t recruited by the side that wants humanity to survive.

Scared, confused, and with a power she doesn’t fully understand as her only weapon, Shiva must wage a one-dog battle to stay alive in a world that wants only conflict and war, and hopefully return to her master. All while dragons, wolves and humans alike show her the complexities of morality, the value of teamwork and the tragedy of war.


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  • This book is so exciting and fantastic as you go through the adventures of shiva, Luke, Darius, Myst, and Rocket – Cameron Kongmanichanh
  • -likable characters (Myst, Luke, Jericho)
    – some mild humor from the one character in particular
    -unique setting unlike I’ve seen before. (Dragons v. Demi-wolves)
    -interesting lore (creation magic, etc.)
    -a cute and clean love sub-plot between Shiva and another of her kind.
    Admittedly, it was a slow start, but I grew to enjoy it.
    – Antonio Roberts


  • As part of the drafting process, a fan fiction adaptation of the novel was created with ‘The Howlite Howler,’ available now on Fimfiction.net.
  • The story itself is inspired by fan fictions: specifically, ‘Misunderstandings‘ by the Rogue Wolf, and ‘Drawn with the Night‘ by Dan_S_Comments.