Born into a military family and raised all over the world, I’ve gotten to see a lot of the world and met many different people. I gained a passion for writing, and earned a degree of Creative Writing from Full Sail University, which I now use to great effect as part of the Write Practice Pro Community

John N. King

While not the most social butterfly out there, I hold a great passion for the smaller things, like writing or analyzing works of fiction. I’m a huge fantasy nerd, and love being able to share ideas on how stories can be made better.

Past Work

A Discovery of Writers

In this collection of short stories from writers across four continents, I released the story ‘Beware the Sea Dragon;’ a look into the fantasy creatures in my series known as the aqua-drakes.

Glimmer: An Anthology of Hope

In this second anthology of short stories from writers across four continents, my story ‘The Rained-On-Reindeer is included, a hopeful story about my character Wing and her resolve to hang onto hope, even when everyone else is encouraging her to stay in misery and defeat.

Of Scales and Fur – Shiva

The first in a saga of fantasy novels centering around uplifted wolves fighting against dragons for the sake of the human race.

Of Scales and Fur – Rocket

The second in my saga of fantasy novels, where a dragon must fight against her masters to unveil a conspiracy that threatens to shake the foundation of her home.