Artwork by Ang Auronheart

The Dragons of Gaia. When the Misanthropic Myst uplifted canines into demi-wolves, hoping to overthrow the human race, several humans refused to go down without a fight.

Warping the laws of nature, they created a new species; a species of reptilian warriors sworn to defend humans: the dragons.

The strongest of the three species, dragons often solve their problems through brute strength or intimidation. However, just because they are powerful does not mean they are invincible. They are also the youngest of the three species – having been genetically engineered instead of uplifted like the wolves – and have an overall childish view of the world; seeing the humans who created them as parents, and the wolves they were made to fight as villains.

A delusion that will be broken by the smarter of wolves and the more ruthless of humans, until the dragons will be forced to choose between standing with their creators, or finding their own path.

Notable Dragons

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