A supporting character, Diamondback – also known as DB – is a Terra-Drake. Vain and ambitious, Diamondback despises the life she leads as a servant of humans, and intends to find a way to become far more than a simple tool of defense for the human race.

In the alternate fanfiction timeline (which may or may not end up becoming canon), Diamondback skirts the line between friend and foe, serving as a pragmatically evil anti-villain who ultimately becomes an ally to the heroes.


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As a terra-drake, Diamondback is one of the more humanoid dragons, with a bipedal stance and a lack of wings, though her humanoid appearance is offset by her reptilian face, crocodilian tail, and diamond white scales (accented by amethyst purple).

To further sell the jewel theme of her appearance, she embeds actual diamonds into her face and body as a way to further make herself resemble the gems. She also is unique from other dragons in that she prefers wearing clothing, as opposed to most dragons that are content to go around in just their scales.

When allowed to wear clothing, Diamondback usually prefers kimono styled dresses that will accentuate her figure, and she’ll also carry around a cane that conceals a hidden sword or rapier.


Diamondback was one of the first terra-drakes created; instead of being a dragon that controlled fire, she controlled earth, eventually evolving the skill to being able to control gemstones and jewels, earning her the name ‘Diamondback’ due to her fascination with jewelry.

Since her powers evolved differently from other fighters, she was kept from combatting wolves like most of her fellow dragons, and instead relegated to repairing and retrofitting homes and environments that had been destroyed by battles between dragons and wolves. Though Diamondback tried to add her own distinctive flair to it, she was oftentimes restricted from being too creative by her stubborn rider and the orders of the owners of the homes she was repairing. Eventually, Diamondback came to see her job as far too demeaning for her talents, and from there, began to question the exact role dragons served for humans.

Having grown up on stories of dragons being all powerful beings, Diamondback grew resentful of her job as a glorified janitor, and began to dream of becoming a Queen among mortals. Though her dreams haven’t stopped her from doing her job effectively, her resentment towards the humans who treat her as a tool has never fully faded. And if left unchecked, her ambition may lead to her becoming a bigger threat than the wolves.

The alternate fanfiction timelines expand on her goals and motivations. While some stories have resulted in her turning into an antagonist that others must defeat, others have seen her overcoming her envy and pride and instead becoming a valuable ally to the heroes. Which of these timelines her ‘Of Scales and Fur’ counterpart will follow is ultimately for time to tell.


  • Control over Earth – as a Terra-Drake, Diamondback can control any form of solid matter. This normally extends to rock and stone, but she has evolved it to being able to control gems, jewelry, and even plant life. As long as it’s earth grown, she’s able to influence it in some way, shape or form.
  • Swordswoman – due to dreaming of becoming a Queen or royalty, Diamondback has trained herself in the art of swordsmanship, from fencing to samurai styled fighting, and is thus a very skilled swordswoman.
  • Builder – Her power over earth lets her create pretty much anything out of simple stones, wood and gems.
  • Inventor – though she hasn’t been allowed to explore much in the way of creativity, Diamondback is a skilled tinkerer and able to craft various tools and even homes for others… if they will allow her to, of course.


Diamondback’s resentment over being a dragon and yet also being seen by humans as a tool gives her a superiority complex despite her low station. She emulates royalty, and tries to copy many royal mannerisms, from speaking in a very posh, refined accent to preferring the fashions of nobles and even strutting around like someone from a royal family. The end result makes her seem prideful, aloof and judgmental.

However, despite her posh exterior, Diamondback was still raised to believe in General Drake‘s vision of dragons being heroes. And while she has a low opinion of most humans – including her rider – Diamondback does legitimately respect Drake, and does her best to uphold his vision of dragons becoming great heroes. And despite her conflicted feelings about being a tool for others, she’s still generous and caring enough to roll with the punches and do her job effectively.

Additionally, her interest in becoming royalty isn’t just for the benefits of being a Queen; she has a vested interest in politics, and being able to understand negotiations and battles through words rather than fists. She additionally has a bit of a mad scientist in her, enjoying tinkering and creating new things from the earth that could benefit every species on the Roads of Gaia.

However, the alternate fanfiction timelines do show that despite her regal exterior, she does still have a very violent temper. And if pushed to her breaking point, she will reveal a very different side to her. One that many would rather not see.

Stories Involving Her


  • Diamondback is one of the few characters not fully based on any characters from existing shows or series. Instead, she was initially my perception of politicians, starting off greedy and overly ambitious, before being given more hidden depths in the form of her love of crafting and genuine care for those that earn her respect.
  • Diamondback was initially thought up as an antagonist for another terra-drake who would have been part of a team of dragons out to save the world. However, Diamondback was eventually merged with the terra-drake, taking her spot on the team of dragons. Whether or not Diamondback will still become a villain or if said terra-drake – Barb – will return is still up in the air. We shall see what the future holds. For now, these alternate timelines can be explored in some of the forums in the links above.
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