Star Wing

The protagonist of the fourth ‘Of Scales and Fur’ books, and original hero of the franchise, Star Wing is a dragon-wolf hybrid, initially created by Luco to spread more chaos, though she would grow beyond her programming to become one of the more powerful heroes on the Roads of Gaia.


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Having been born from a black demi-wolf and an ignis-drake, Wing takes after her wolf mother with pitch black scales, speckled with hot-white spots that resemble stars in a night sky. These spots create a splash of freckles across her snout.

Though predominantly wolfish, Wing identifies primarily by her dragon heritage, seen through her scales, slit-pupiled electric green eyes (which are often said to reflect the light of either a genius or a mad-woman) reptilian tail, and what gave her her namesake: her wings. Massive with more starry spots making them look like a portal into dark space, she’s quite proud of her wings, and tries to take close care of them, flying into a rage when they’re damaged.

In alternate fanfiction continuities, she ditches the wolf part of her entirely, often being a human that can turn into a dragon. In these cases, her draconic traits are played up more, without as many wolf-like facets.

No matter the continuity, she is always known for three major aspects: her electric green eyes, which sparkle with the light of either a genius or a madman, her black scales speckled with white, usually including a splash of starry freckles across her face, and her signature wings, which can take the form of a cloak when she’s in a human or non-draconic form.


Currently, her origins will give away major spoilers for Books Two, Three and Four. More will be revealed after these books are released.

For now, her backstory in the alternate fanfiction universe is as follows:

Star Wing was born a princess; the daughter of one of two demi-god queens, one of whom controlled the sun, and one of whom controlled the moon.

Star’s mother, Queen Luna, was looked on unfavorably by the masses, as her association with darkness and night made others believe she was destined for great evil. Her and her daughter.

Both were constantly harassed and kept under annoyingly close watches, constantly being warned of their impending ‘destinies’ and told that they would be murdered if they stepped out of line.

Though Queen Luna quickly grew tired of such disrespect, Star Wing tried to find sanctuary from the cruelty and suspicion, and found it in stories. With a massive library stocked with tales from across the world, Star fled her troubles by filling her head with their contents; losing herself in tales of dragons and mermaids and unicorns and heroes. And with her reading came a desire to prove the masses wrong. To show that she was different and would embrace the life, not of a villain, but of a hero.

Unfortunately, when her chance finally came to be a hero, it was with a very cruel twist: her mother, Queen Luna, finally fell to darkness. She decided that if everyone was going to treat her as if she was evil, then she would let herself be evil. And Star Wing was forced to fight her own beloved mother.

But how could she? How could she fight or harm the only person who had ever truly loved her?

Star Wing failed to defeat her mother. And as Queen Luna was stopped by her sister instead, Star Wing fled in shame. Using special forms of magic, she changed herself into a dragon. And she left her kingdom, never to return.

Yet, though she had taken the form of a strong mythological creature, she was still barely more than a child; stories her only experience with the outside world. It did not take long for her to be captured and enslaved by tyrants and bandits outside her kingdom.

Luckily, Star would not let the torments of her captors break her. Instead, she learned the arts of both seduction and combat: how to lower an enemy’s guard and possibly even persuade them to her side.

Through her training, she eventually found freedom from her oppression. And as the fearsome Night Fire, she sought to give freedom to other captives. And for thousands of years, she wandered, finding peace aiding others, whether it be with the thrill of good fights or the passion of nightly lovers.


  • Enhanced speed: Having learned to be quick instead of strong from a young age, Star Wing prides herself on her speed. Agile, quick-witted and light on her feet, she seeks to ensure that all her opponents see of her is a sparkling blur.
  • Knife Nut: one of her favorite weapons in her time as a wandering hero were knives. Despite being seen as the weapon for cowards and backstabbers, Star hoped to give them a better reputation through her use of them, ranging from her use of simple daggers to ranged combat with various throwing knives, several of which are trick knives that can unleash a plethora of hidden surprises on their targets.
  • Control over Fire – as a dragon, she naturally has control over the element of fire. Given her origins as a mage princess, however, her fire burns hotter than even normal dragons, and she can even summon minature stars that burn just as hot as the sun.
  • Flight – being named for her wings, Star Wing is a very capable pilot, able to pull off maneuvers in the air that would make other dragons blush.
  • Hand to hand combat – In case she’s ever disarmed, Star has trained in various martial arts, ensuring that losing her weapons or her dragon form does not mean an automatic loss.
  • Seduction Skills – due to having spent several years as a member of a warlord harem, and training under acolytes of Aphrodite and Asmodeus, Star has become very good at utilizing her beauty and charms to persuade others to aid her.
  • Magic – Being the daughter of a demi-goddess (or, alternatively, being born from a magic spell), Star Wing has access to a wide range of magic. While she usually restricts it to fire spells, speed spells, or other tools that aid in her current lineup, she is capable of summoning godly power against world-ending threats.


Despite the sadness within her, Star has found hope in the optimistic belief that her world is one giant story, with her as it’s hero. She will try to back up her beliefs through genre savvy notes, where situations play out as they do in stories.

Her belief has kept her able to smile and laugh even in the worst of circumstances, as she holds to a firm belief that things will work out in the end. As such, she’s happy-go-lucky, , friendly and confident in both herself and her friends. Never one to back down from a challenge, she seeks to spread good will and positivity to the world. 

Though her experiences have stunted her growth somewhat, and left her somewhat childish and immature when it comes to certain social situations, like her struggle to recognize the difference between love and lust. And while her beliefs can be admirable, her tendency to slip into stubborn denial when her beliefs are challenged can leave her blind to the brutal realities of life, and result in her being completely unprepared when things do not work out. 

Despite her short-comings, Star refuses to turn her back on those who need her. Loyal, positive and always trying to be a good friend, Star doesn’t just believe she’s the hero of her own story; she wants to prove it. 

Stories Involving Her


  • Star Wing is John N. King’s favorite character to write for, as he considers her the embodiment of his joy.
  • Despite being half wolf, Star Wing embraces her dragon side more, and identifies as a dragon, hence why she appears under the dragon tab of this site.
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