The deuteragonist/minor antagonist in ‘Of Scales and Fur – Shiva,’ and protagonist of the second book ‘Of Scales and Fur – Rocket.’ Rocket is one of the first ignis-drakes; draconic guardians of humanity. A hot-headed and confident fighter who’s temper is matched only by her heart, Rocket used to be content to believe that she was a heroic figure, nobly defending the weak from unjust cruelty. However, her interactions with a certain white wolf would set her on the path to discover that good and evil are far more abstract than she’d care to understand.

Artwork by Ang Auronheart
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Rocket is an ignis-drake, or fire dragon. Crafted from a magic ritual that mutated lizard and ancient dinosaur DNA, Rocket resembles the velociraptors of the Cretaceous Period, or rather, the creatures that were based on them in a certain famous film, with powerful back legs and dangerous jaws. However, Rocket’s breed was additionally mutated to have large, leathery wings, and to be able to breathe magma and flames. The use of flames has tinged her scales a cherry-red, and her eyes an electric green with slit pupils not dissimilar to a cat. Though her front arms are shorter, they are still capable of grasping or hitting like any average human, making Rocket perfect for defending those in need.


  • Dragon Biology: due to her genes being spliced, Rocket boosts enhanced strength, speed and durability far beyond an average human. She can endure brutal hits from any sort of weapon, can outrun a cheetah or outfly an eagle, and is strong enough to bash her way through a stone building.
  • Military training: Thanks to being an ignis-drake of Drake, Rocket was trained to fight on part with special forces, and is intelligent enough to work in sync with humans or formulate plans to take down her foes.
  • Control over fire: as befits a dragon, Rocket is capable of producing and controlling large bursts of combusting energy, taking the form of flames, explosions, or even magma. However, while this ability is dangerous towards her foes, it is magical in nature, and is susceptible to being drained or even empowering those who gain strength from magical attacks.


Rocket was brought up on the idea that humanity needed her to protect them, and it’s a job that she takes to with gusto. She’s passionate, hard-working, and loyal to a fault. Yet despite her intimidating appearance, her emotions are tempered with compassion and empathy as well.

This empathy is what allows her to realize that despite a lifetime of fighting demi-wolves, one wolf named Shiva is more than just another enemy. Though the adventure she puts Rocket on will test not just Rocket’s empathy, but also her honor. For while Rocket may be stronger than most creatures on the Roads of Gaia, she knows she must temper that strength with honor. Otherwise, how is she any better than the evil she’s supposed to fight? A question that will give her far more weight in the days to come.

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