Winters’ Run

A short story published as a prequel to ‘Of Scales and Fur,’ ‘Winters’ Run’ covers the setting of the Roads of Gaia and some of the characters that will be met in the first book.


On the Roads of Gaia, humanity is caught in the middle of a war. On one side, dogs have been mutated into the ferocious demi-wolves, who now seek the destruction of the ones they once called friend. On the other side, dragons defend the humans that once feared them. And the few sane humans left struggle to avoid getting caught in the crossfire.

Like Winters; a paranoid agent of the underground human society of Cadmus. When she discovers a plot by the demi-wolf Alphas to attack a village of innocents, it’s up to her to warn the authorities. But in order to save her people, she must trust the creatures she once called enemies, and distrust the ones she once called friend.

Countless lives depend on it. 

The story is avaliable on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Vivlio, Kobo and Tolino for only 99 cents. Links are down below.


Winters’ Run kept me riveted! This whirlwind introduction to demi-wolves, dragons and humans shows what happens when conflict reigns and trust is in short supply. Kudos to author John N. King for taking an age old problem and giving it a fantasy twist! This short-read will make you want more!

Jennifer Kelly