The protagonist of the first book ‘Of Scales and Fur,’ Shiva becomes one of the secondary leaders of the demi-wolves, is the first wolf capable of using the Pack Link (see below), the mate of Luke, and the mother of Celine and Kodo. A fierce diplomat who’s empathetic nature is balanced by her experiences, Shiva is considered to be the best hope humanity has for peace with the demi-wolves, as her willingness to compromise makes her a far better candidate than Myst.

Artwork by Ang Auronheart
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Shiva used to be a female white husky. After Myst’s magical manipulations, she was altered into a five foot, 110 pound demi-wolf. Known for her brilliant white fur that can glow to resemble a star or sun, she has dark brown eyes that imply softness, but also shine with a stern and uncompromising air when she’s had enough. Though limber and not packing much muscle, this demi-wolf holds power in both her words and other abilities, making her a fine leader of wolves, and an opponent to Myst’s madness.


  • The Pack Link: Her most well-known ability, and one she passed onto the other wolves. A telekinetic link that allows her to share thoughts and memories with others, as well as drain strength from opponents to give to her pack mates. Through this ability, a pack of wolves with her as the leader can bring down the strongest of prey, and share that strength amongst themselves, all before they’ve even needed to sink their teeth into the flesh of their prey.
  • Wolf biology; aside from her pack link, Shiva shares the same abilities that she had as a regular canine, including a heightened sense of smell and hearing, a fur coat giving her better protection from the elements, and above average strength and speed that would allow her to out-fight a human even when untrained or without her Pack Link


Shiva had a very rough beginning to the Roads of Gaia; waking up confused and disoriented, and promptly thrust into a battle where she was captured and tortured by dragons. And upon breaking out of there, she was promptly captured and tormented some more by humans.

As a result, Shiva is very distrustful of both humans and dragons, and tends to keep them at arms’ length. However, her Pack Link gives her a great sense of empathy, as she’s able to read minds and figure out what drives the people she fights against or alongside. As a result of this empathy, Shiva is usually reluctant to enter fights, and tries to stay on the sidelines. This method of thinking does cause many to see her as a coward. But her willingness to listen and compromise allow her to work alongside those that would rather see her gone, making her one of the few chances for peace on the Roads of Gaia

Stories involving Her


  • Shiva’s design is inspired by Amaterasu from Okami, while her character and personality are inspired by Kotal Kahn from the Mortal Kombat games.
  • Shiva’s story is adapted from The Howlite Howler, a fanfiction where the demi-wolf is transported to the world of Equestria.