The secondary antagonist of the series, eventually turned anti-hero, Myst is the first demi-wolf and the bane of mankind. Once an ordinary wolf, Myst was put through a gauntlet of pain and suffering by humans, until one day, she was given the power to finally fight back against her oppressors.

Driven to the point where she sees no distinction between humanity and evil, Myst will not stop until she has wiped out every human on the planet. And nothing will stand in her way; not dragons, not humans. Though those that Myst considers pack might have a chance… if they are careful.


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Myst is a demi-wolf; best described as a human-wolf hybrid. A bipedal wolf capable of going onto all fours, she stands at seven feet tall with night-black fur speckled with white spots and golden-yellow eyes. She wears dark brown deer hide armor in the style of the predator aliens, and has a long, multicolored mane of dreadlocked hairs – all locks of hair taken from the humans she’s killed. Her face is scarred from her fighting pit master searing his brand mark onto her forehead, so she hides the mark under a white and red kitsune mask though the mask only covers her forehead and the upper part of her snout so her jaws are free to snap at any humans she finds.


Myst began her life as a simple wolf, living wild and free in the forests. However, humans captured her when she was a juvenile, and placed her in a fighting pit, hoping that the wolf’s naturally savage nature would triumph over the dogs that were usually thrown into the pit.

Myst did not disappoint; her anger at being kidnapped and hurt for nothing powering her through match after match. Recognizing the value in her anger, her masters kept her in a perpetual state of rage, mocking and belittling her so that when she was thrown into the ring, she would fight with all of her might.

Soon, however, her ‘salvation’ came: a mysterious man with a distinctive scar bought her from her former masters, and subjected her to a strange magical experiment. The experiment fused her with a human, turning her into the world’s first demi-wolf.

But her creator was not done with her. He conditioned her to hate humans, preaching to her how humans never saw her as equal, and that she would never be more than their plaything. In defiance of his words, Myst broke out, stealing the magic book that had created her. And with freedom finally hers at last, Myst decided on one life goal:

She would tear humanity down from it’s perch as the dominant species. Using the magic book she had stolen, she would form an army of demi-wolf warriors. And with her army by her side, she would see the Age of Man fall, and make way for the Age of the Wolf.


  • Above average durability and strength: a lifetime of pain has made Myst almost immune to her own suffering and pain. She can power through almost any form of torture, and boosts far greater strength than the average demi-wolf.
  • Limited magic: Myst managed to escape her human captors with some of the books they used to create her. Using these books, Myst can turn ordinary dogs into demi-wolves, and even manages to instill some of her soldiers with supernatural abilities like the Pack Link.


Myst is a writhing ball of incorrectly handled anger. Misanthropic and spiteful, she is mentally incapable of seeing good in humans, and will always misinterpret any action she sees them taking as a villainous and evil action.

However, Myst’s heart is not completely corrupted; she finds solace and comfort in her fellow wolves, and genuinely wishes to see them safe from human tyranny. Her love for her own kind is only matched by her hatred of those who would see her and dogs in general as slaves or subservient.

This love fighting against hatred would lead to her being convinced by her fellow wolves to stand down from her campaign, though she would still murder any human that threatened her pack with extreme prejudice.

Stories Involving Her


  • Myst is partially inspired by the White Fang of RWBY, being an abused animal that takes an extremist stance against her oppressors.
  • Additionally, her backstory was inspired by the Jack London character White Fang’s time under the mad Beauty Smith.
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