A secondary character who will grow to become the main character of her own story, Celine is the daughter of Shiva and Luke, and brother to Kodo, taking up the fight for equality and peace on the Roads of Gaia.


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Celine is a female demi-wolf born from Shiva and Luke, inheriting Shiva’s brown eyes and Luke’s sunset-gold fur.


Born into a time of relative peace between the humans, wolves and dragons, Celine has only heard of war through tales from her parents. Terrified of the same thing happening to others, Celine is resolved to try and spread peace and harmony wherever she can go, and is curious to see how trying to make friends with other races can help with keeping things non-violent. Her curiosity, however, can lead her into trouble, as her strict adherence to violence means that she will have trouble defending herself if whoever she finds isn’t interested in friendship.


  • The Pack Link: a telekinetic link that allows her to read the minds of others, and share thoughts, memories and emotions.
  • Wolf Biology: being the daughter of the strongest wolf warrior, Celine has much of Luke’s in-born strength, combined with a heightened sense of smell and hearing, a fur coat giving her protection from the elements and even physical attacks, and above average strength and speed that would allow her to hold her own against humans.
  • Marital Arts: later in her life, she learns several methods of self-defense, including Aikido and Tae Kwon Do.


Sweet-natured and kind-hearted, Celine only wishes for everyone to get along with each other. Curious in the outside world, she’s saddened by the bitterness that lurks within the hearts of her pack mates towards the humans and dragons, and wishes to try and fix it.

However, her naïveté and immaturity mean she has no idea how to solve it outside of trying to befriend humans and dragons. And her rampant curiosity will often lead her on quests that lead to danger or trouble that her brother often has to drag her out of. Regardless of the danger, however, Celine is determined in her own way to find a method of soothing the hostilities between her family and the other species. And even if she gets knocked down or held back, she’ll always keep thinking of another method to try.

Stories Involving Her


  • Celine was inspired by Blake Belladonna from RWBY, and Fox McCloud and Krystal from Star Fox.
  • While the original book focuses on her mother, Celine is going to be a major character in later books, as she was going to be the sole wolf member of a team of dragons that fought crime. More details will be revealed as the books are released.
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