Son of Shiva and Luke, Sister of Celine, and supporting character that will become a major character in the ‘Of Scales and Fur’ saga.

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Kodo is the son of Shiva and Luke, and thus inherited his mother’s white fur and his father’s blue eyes.


Born from Shiva and Luke at the end of ‘Of Scales and Fur – Shiva,’ Kodo will quickly prove himself as the golden son of the duo. Where his sister Celine is more rambunctious and eager to explore the outside, Kodo is more interested in proving himself worthy of his mother and father’s love.

Despite loving his parents with all his heart, he also holds great respect for his mother’s rival Myst, who quickly becomes a mentor of sorts to him.

With knowledge of both the good and bad of wolf history, Kodo’s dream is to become a worthy next ruler of the demi-wolves, using both Shiva and Myst’s teachings to achieve a perfect middle ground of being reasonable enough to be negotiated with, yet ruthless when wronged.


  • The Pack Link – Inherited from his mother, the Pack Link allows him to telekinetically read minds and even drain power from enemies to share with his allies. He is particularly interested in learning about how to take power from others to help his family.
  • Expert in Tiger Style Kung Fu – Trained by both his father and Myst, Kodo is highly skilled in very ruthless forms of combat, with a tendency to attack anything that threatens his family with extreme prejudice.
  • Wolf Biology: Being a wolf, he boasts heightened strength, speed, durability and stamina, with heightened senses of smell and hearing.


In contrast to his sister, Kodo is quiet, cautious and introspective. Where Celine will often rush into new situations with a positive and friendly attitude, Kodo hangs back, regarding the situation with caution and a bit of cynical suspicion.

He is more than aware of the pain and trauma Myst and the rest of the wolves went through, and is eager for history to not repeat, making him paranoid of anything outside his family.

A dark urge to destroy or subjugate anything that would threaten his people dwells within Kodo. But much like how Myst had to temper her destructive hate with love for her fellow wolf, so does Kodo balance his paranoia and suspicion with love for his parents, especially his mother, whom he holds in high regard.

Unfortunately, he also holds Myst in equally high regard. And while both she-wolves do not get along with each other, they both agree that Kodo is to be trained with caution and raised to be better than Myst was. For if he should choose to go down the path Myst chose in her early days… the fate of the Roads would be in jeopardy.

Stories Involving Him


  • Kodo was inspired by Adam Taurus from RWBY. Having been left wanting with Adam’s portrayal in canon, John N. King envisioned Kodo and Celine as ‘his version of the White Fang sub-plot,’ with Kodo and Celine being a more platonic version of Adam and Blake Belladonna, implying that Kodo will serve a more antagonistic role against his sister in the future. However, John N. King has also specified that Kodo will not be abusive towards Celine, with the focus being more on their mutual concern for their pack and parents.
  • Kodo is also inspired by Wolf O’Donnell from Star Fox, specifically his incarnation in Star Fox: Assault, where Wolf teamed up with Fox against a greater threat, implying that while he may serve as an antagonist, he will not be a straight up villain.
  • As mentioned in abilities, Kodo’s fighting style is meant to take inspiration from Tiger Style Kung Fu, especially in how he will use claws and often fight with lethal intent.
  • Additionally, due to being inspired by a RWBY character, Kodo was conceptualized as using a bayoneted shotgun, similar to the blaster Wolf uses as his Neutral Special in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. However, it is currently unknown if Kodo will utilize said weapon in the ‘Of Scales and Fur’ saga, given that he will also have his pack link, which will become a very versatile weapon in and of itself.
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