Blazing Phoenix

A supporting antagonist, Blazing Phoenix, also known as Blaze or Blazy Boo/Blazy Blue, is the ignis-drake steed of Luco. Dangerously loyal to her insane rider, Blaze starts off as one of the most powerful ignis-drakes ever made by man. With her dangerous firepower and upbringing by an insane lunatic, there are few lines Blaze will cross to appease her beloved rider.


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As an ignis-drake, Blaze resembles a raptor with wings, with powerful back legs, leathery wings, a long, lashing tail, and a reptilian face. However, her arms are distinctly humanoid, and can form fists for punching or grabbing things with her talons.

To distinguish herself from other ignis-drakes, she has bright yellow scales, which are usually bursting with flames. She has a particular pattern of flames burning on her head and down her back, giving her a ‘mane of flames’ of sorts.

Due to a possible story choice I’ll make for her later, she may also have flame patterned spots of red on her hands, feet, and around her eyes. Her eyes are normally a light shade of pink, but when she’s emotionally riled up, they turn red, fitting with the red flame spots around her eye sockets.


Blaze was one of the first dragons created, being custom made by Luco to serve as his mount. Luco claims he was able to make her by breeding a dragon with a phoenix, but due to his insane state of mind, it could be believed that he was making it up.

Raised on the belief that humans had to be protected, and that fighting was her life, Blaze went on to be a powerful foe to the demi-wolves and their leader Myst.


  • Control over Fire – as a dragon, Blaze is already a natural wielder of flames. However, due to being custom made by Luco, her abilities far surpass any other dragons, allowing her to shrug off most energy based attacks and even increase her power to super nova levels if needed.
  • Flight – By blasting jets of flames from her feet and using her wings for guidance, she can fly around like a jet.
  • Hand-to-hand combatant – while more reliant on her flames, Blaze is still a proficient hand-to-hand fighter, and anything that isn’t burned up by her flames will be quickly beaten down by her punches, kicks and head butts.


Blaze, despite her flames, is surprisingly quiet and rather reserved. This is due in part to her having so much flames, that she can’t even speak without risking burning someone. Due to the resulting isolation this brings about, she’s very loyal to her rider Luco, who is the only one able to understand her.

Though Luco’s eccentric personality can aggravate her from time to time, she still never lets it get in the way of serving her rider or fighting good fights. And despite her quiet attitude, she does have a distinct love of fighting, ingrained into her along with a desire to protect humans. Unable to understand a life outside of protecting humans by punching anything that looks at them wrong, Blaze will be able to get by as a minion for now, but later times will test her loyalty and show her that perhaps there is more to life beyond fights.

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