Regina Winters

Head of Security of the Human Sanctuary ‘Walls of Cadmus,’ Regina Winters is one of Nick Connors best guards and fighters. Pragmatic, logical and as cold as her name suggests, Winters is dedicated to keeping humans safe, even at the expense of those who aren’t human.


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Regina Winters is a five foot, three inch human with striking white hair, pale skin and ice blue eyes. Despite her white hair, she’s actually middle-aged, with a stern and pointed face with smooth features, marred only by a thin scar along the left side of her face, barely missing her eye.

She is known for wearing snow-themed white light armor with blue highlights – essentially the garb a ninja would wear – and in keeping with her temperament, has an aura of cold around her that lets others know she has no time for tomfoolery.

She holds a preference for throwing stars, and even keeps a shield in the shape of a throwing star on her back, though this has yet to be reference in ‘Of Scales and Fur.’


Regina Winters had very little love in her life. The daughter of a powerful company broker, Winters life was spent being prepared to take over as the heir to Winters’ corporation. Her only true friend growing up was Gertrude, a pure bred poodle and the family’s show dog, whom Winters formed a bond with.

Unfortunately, a day came when Gertrude was dognapped. Luckily, due to how expensive she had been, Winters’ father put a lot of resources into finding the dog. In time, they re-discovered Gertrude. But she had been changed into something else.

Winters held out hope that Gertrude was just sick; that she could be healed and things could go back to normal. But tragedy struck when the dog went on a rampage, killing Winters’ father and most of her family and servants before turning on Regina, and giving her a scar that adorns her face to this day. However, just before the final blow could be struck, Gertrude hesitated, remembering that Regina had been her one true friend. Regina had no such hesitation, and killed her former dog with a pair of vintage shurikens that had once served as antiques.

Holding onto the weapons, Winters was forced to leave her old life, and enter a world of nightmares, where dogs were mutating and turning on their former masters, and hope only seemed to lay in the form of massive draconic monsters that burned everything in their wake.

Distrusting of the dragons and the man who created them, Winters turned to the one survivor of their government, Nick Connors, who was forming a sanctuary for human survivors. Utilizing the training her father put her through, Winters climbed her way to the top of Connors’ ranking. Her ruthlessness and skill with the shurikens impressed Connors, and he installed her as his head of security.

Now, Winters strives to keep Connors sanctuary safe, refusing to trust either the dogs that had betrayed her or the dragons that claimed to save them. As far as she was concerned, humanity would prosper without the aid of other creatures: they had done it before, and they could do it again.


  • Ninja-Level Training – due to her father’s interest in the art of stealth, combined with human’s natural lack of strength compared to dragons or wolves, Winters has trained herself to be an expert in stealth. Uniquely, her light armor allows her to hide in light or brightly colored areas rather than shadows, throwing her opponents off guard when they get barraged by shurikens in a completely lit area.
  • Proper Paranoia – Winters tries to have a plan for every situation, and is always on guard for the worst thing to happen.
  • Shuriken Training – after the throwing stars saved her life from the first demi-wolf she faced, she became heavily reliant on the throwing stars, preferring them to any other weapon. As such, she’s very skilled in their use, and can either use them at range or even up close, hiding them in her armor sleeves to work as hidden blades.


George Carlin once said that underneath every cynic is a disappointed idealist. Winters encompasses this trait in full; seeing optimists as hopeless romantics and encouraging others to be as fully prepared as possible. Her rather traumatizing first kill of a demi-wolf, combined with the cryptic personality of her employer Connors, leaves her very slow to trust anyone, and she is constantly on guard, wondering who might betray her next.

Despite her cold exterior, Winters has found meaning in keeping humans safe from demi-wolves or dragons. And while she doesn’t trust easy, she also doesn’t try to be overly hostile, going instead for listing out the ways things could go wrong and then working to be able to counter said ways before they happen. A workaholic by nature, Winters priority is the survival and prosperity of the human race. And if she has to see every demi-wolf and dragon in the world dead to achieve her goal, then so be it.

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  • Winters’ design is inspired by Weiss Schnee from RWBY, though her personality is more in line with Amanda Waller’s incarnation in the Justice League Animated Series.