Snicket ‘Nick’ Connors

A supporting character in the ‘Of Scales and Fur’ Series, King Snicket ‘Nick’ Connors is the mysterious and cryptic leader of the human race. A man who thrives on being an enigma and a mystery, all that anyone really knows about him is that he is dedicated to humanity’s survival and evolution, and will do what he can to not just ensure the survival of his fellow humans, but their prosperity through the use of the demi-wolves and dragons that were brought into his world.

In the alternate fanfiction timelines, he’s an observer and multiversal protector of his dimension, watching over all those who come from his world and attempting to ensure their safety and prosperity.


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Connors’ true appearance is a mystery. He never likes to show himself outside of shadows, and any instances where he is met in person are heavily implied to be the use of body doubles. He often conceals himself in a flowing black robe and hood that allows him or his doubles to tower above other humans at an impressive eight feet, while also concealing his form in darkness. Usually, the only thing someone can make out of his face are his eyes and mouth, which are usually flashing pearly white teeth or glittering gray eyes.


Nick Connors got his start as a journalist, regularly tracking down the secrets of the world. His upbringing and experiences before journalism are kept close to his chest, but he does admit that they taught him the value of secrets.

Through uncovering the secrets of others while keeping his own secrets hidden, he managed to blackmail and cajole his way to the top of governmental positions. Yet, even when he was forced into the public eye, he still made a point to keep himself secret. A technique that turned out to be brilliant when the demi-wolf Myst attacked their seat of government.

Myst’s intention was to wipe out the leaders of the human populace, leaving them scattered, confused and easy prey for her crusade against them. However, Connors’ tendency to use body doubles and to keep himself concealed allowed him to survive Myst’s attack on the leaders of government, and he quickly took command of the populace.

Taking on the title of ‘King’ to ensure maximum deference to his power, Connors organized the remaining humans and oversaw the creation of the human sanctuary Cadmus. He allowed the dragons to be created, and has watched from the shadows as the demi-wolves and dragons fight over the fate of humanity.

But don’t think his status as a bystander means he’s doing nothing. For Connors is a man that believes in having every advantage. And he has his eye on Myst and her demi-wolves, hoping for a day when he will be able to add them to the list of tools at his disposal. Not just to ensure the survival of himself and the human race, but to ensure their prosperity.


  • Master of Body Doubles; a slippery and sneaky snake of a man, he is constantly revealed to have body doubles, and his actual form has never been seen.
  • Tactician and planner: he knows that he can’t beat demi-wolves or dragons in a straight up fight, so he intends to outwit them, using his mind to constantly keep the stronger fighters on their toes.
  • Secret-finder: disturbingly good at finding out the secrets of others, and using them to his advantage.


A man of intrigue and mystery, Connors prides himself on his ability to be cryptic and secretive. He enjoys the feeling of power he gets over knowing more than his opposition, and seeks to constantly keep them off guard, to the point that they aren’t able to tell that he’s watching them, or if the man talking to them is really him at all.

Yet, despite his ominous outlook, Connors does genuinely care for the fate of his fellow humans, and has an appreciation for life matched only by a love of fine wine. He sees death and destruction as tragic wastes of life and property, and prefers to find use out of everything he finds. While not appearing to be the most trustworthy of beings, Connors will prove to be a valuable ally to all those that would see a peaceful end to the war of dragons and demi-wolves.

Stories Involving Him


  • Connors’ appearance is inspired by the cloaks worn by Organization 13 from Kingdom Hearts.
  • Additionally, his name is inspired by Lemony Snicket, the author of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events,’ and Mitch Connor of ‘South Park.’
  • Originally, Nick Connors was going to be the narrator of the ‘Of Scales and Fur’ saga, serving a similar role to Lemony Snicket in how he was either tracking down evidence or witnessing the events first hand. Though John N. King eventually ended up adapting Connors’ narration out for a simpler omniscent third person narration, Connors still holds a spot of omnipotence in John N. King’s character roster, and is always meant to know more than he lets on.
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