Valerie Fawkes

A supporting character, Valerie Fawkes is one of the top agents of Cadmus, sent by Connors to hunt down anyone that breaks the laws of Cadmus.


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Fawkes is a five foot, eleven inch tall human with brown, almost black eyes and jet black hair, stylized into dreadlocks and tied back into a ponytail with a red bandana.

She wears dark blue armor stylized after the body armor worn by classic police SWAT Teams. Under her vest and uniform, she wears a sleeveless t-shirt, that she’ll often wear when being casual, though she’ll always keep her blue camouflage pants on regardless of it being work or casual.


Valerie Fawkes was born to a family of dog breeders. Her family specifically bred hunting hounds, and Fawkes grew up constantly leading hunts to test out the hounds (and her own) skills.

After Myst started turning dogs and canines against humans, Fawkes was able to escape her hounds with her life due to them seeing her as a mother figure of sorts, but not trusting themselves to keep that mindset with Myst whispering in their ears. With the Roads of Gaia no longer safe, Fawkes found refuge with King Connors in his Kingdom of Cadmus. There, Fawkes put her skills as a hunter to work as a detective and a peace keeper, upholding the law within the kingdom.

However, Connors also trusts her from time to time to go out and explore the Roads of Gaia, utilizing both her tracking skills and her easy-going relationship with the wolves to find people of interest or to simply learn what’s going on in the world. Though Fawkes isn’t as high-ranked as Winters, she’s still considered a very reliable ally for the humans.


  • Expert Hunter – a life of training hunting hounds has given Fawkes an expert level of skill in tracking prey.
  • Detective level observational skills – additional training in the police and peace-keeping departments gave Fawkes a good eye for crime scenes and tracking down criminals.
  • Skill in nunchucks – A love of martial artists stories combined with a sense of ingenuity gave her skill in utilizing hand cuffs as nunchucks, giving her an signature weapon that she enjoys utilizing against criminals.


Fawkes is passionate, headstrong, hot-tempered and very determined. When she is given a mission, nothing will stop her from accomplishing it. She enjoys how her intense focus and hot-blooded nature can sometimes unnerve others around her, and even utilizes her obsessive behavior to appear insane or mentally unstable, psychologically playing with her ‘prey’ to put them off guard.

However, this ‘insanity’ is a farce. While she does enjoy hunting others, Fawkes is also very reasonable and genuinely believes in upholding the law and protecting others that can’t protect themselves. And once she catches a criminal, she insists that they be given a fair trial and be judged appropriately for their crimes.

Her belief in fair play extends to even the demi-wolves – avowed enemies of humanity – and while Fawkes will defend herself and others from demi-wolves that are out for blood, she also hopes for the day that canines and humans can once again be friends. Something that seems closer than before thanks to the efforts of the white wolf Shiva.

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